The Glanzer company

More than 60 years of tradition and innovation: all year-round the family business Glanzer in Sölden with all of its employees stands for best service, top brands, and alpine lifestyle.

Glanzer Sölden – a success story

The foundations for the Sölden business Glanzer were laid more than 60 years ago. Locals and guests conquered the surrounding mountains and even deeply snow-covered downhills with “Glanzer footwear made to measure” and with the first leather ski boots made by Glanzer. Today the family business is managed by the third generation.


New Technology - new experience

Glanzer leather ski boots were ousted by modern, machine-produced synthetic boot, which are offered today in wide variety at the Glanzer sports shops. Even the ski service changed fundamentally: These days Glanzer precision machines take care of the arduous, manual grinding process.


the GLANZER company – always cutting-edge

By opening the Gaislachkoglbahn in 1966, Sölden became the leading winter sports resort in the Alps. The Glanzer family quickly reacted and took off by introducing a ski rental service. To this day the grasp for the latest trends in sports, fashion and lifestyle is a cornerstone of the company’s success.



Glanzer today

boots and more

The passion for boots has remained to this day and has since been joined by a love for trendy fashion and sportswear of international class, which are uniquely staged in five shops. Shopping at Glanzer is more than just buying something, it’s a joyous and fun experience for our customers and our employees.


glanzer ski rentals in sölden

Seven Glanzer ski rentals in Sölden offer everything a skier could want from the wee slopesters to the ambitious freestyler. Perfectly maintained, current skis and boards simply bring more fun, no matter the skill level. Unique: book the ski pass with the low-priced rental and save a total of up to 15%!

The Glanzer company: from shoemaker to specialist for sports, fashion and lifestyle – we’re looking forward to getting to know you!


Sabrina Klotz

Ehrentraud Köll

Dominika Gavran

Fabian Gritsch

Romana Pult

Eveline Reich

Nina Koebele

Benjamin Buxbaum

Wolfgang Gufler

Petra Grüner

Dino Berberovic

Valentin Schmidt

Dragan Franjic

Stefan Kneisl

Viktoria Widmann

Manuel Holzknecht

Dorian Becker

Igor Nikolic

Rebecca Plörer

Yvonne Schöpf

Aleksander Althamer

Michael Frank

Erich Klein

Matthew Darwell

Jasmin Obweger

Martin Scheiber

David Glanzer

Daniel Thaller

Markus Falkner

Gabi Kneisl

Gert Prantl

Tanja Kammerlander

Jana Julia Scheiring

Doris Nikolic-Aigner

Stefanie Auer

René Fender

Johanna Banken

Fabienne Wachter

Benjamin Rosinski

Sybille Praxmarer

Manfred Plattner

Lisa Köll

Sarah Grießer

Petra Hellmann

Sabrina Gstrein

Andrei Caliman

Sabrina Schöpf

Timo Reifsteck

Elisabeth Riml

Dominic Auer

Ramona Bacher

Laura Holzknecht

Birgit Gstrein

Benno Schmid

Katja Jeitner

Robin Heijne

Lukas Ennemoser

Inge Riml

Christian Weiss

Benny Praxmarer

Vera Ruhdorfer

Sandro Schmid

Mario Reinstadler

Vanessa Auer

Markus Weinberger

Gabriel Klotz

Christine Jeitner

Christoph Falkner

Dominik Prantl

Yvonne Simon

Reinhard Plattner

Alina Wilhelm

Daniel Fender

Markus Riml

Esther Ennemoser

Anna Ratz

Klaus Glanzer

Tanja Gstrein

Julia Kuen

Manuela Klotz


Glanzer Map Intersport Glanzer Gaislachkoglbahn
Intersport Glanzer Gaislachkoglbahn

Shop 1 - Dorfstraße 109

Telefon: +43 5254 2223 301

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun

Intersport Glanzer Zentrum
Intersport Glanzer Zentrum

Shop 2 - Dorfstraße 21, 6450 Sölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2223 302

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun

Intersport Glanzer Hotel Sonne
Intersport Glanzer Hotel Sonne

Shop 4 - Dorfstraße 58, 6450 Sölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2223 304

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun

Intersport Glanzer Hochsölden
Intersport Glanzer Hochsölden

Shop 6 - Hochsöldenstraße 6, 6450 Sölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2223 306

Opening hours:
Opening autumn 2017

Intersport Glanzer Hotel Stefan
Intersport Glanzer Hotel Stefan

Shop 8 - Dorfstraße 50, 6450 Sölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2223 308

Opening hours:
Opening autumn 2017

Intersport Glanzer Giggijochbahn
Intersport Glanzer Giggijochbahn

Shop 11 - Dorfstraße 30, 6450 Sölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2223 311

Opening hours:
November 2017

Intersport Glanzer Hotel Bergland
Intersport Glanzer Hotel Bergland

Shop 14 - Dorfstraße 114, 6450 Sölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2223 314

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun


Shop 3 - Dorfstraße 90, 6450 Sölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2223 303

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun

Style Point
Style Point

Shop 5 - Dorfstraße 25, 6450 Sölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2223 305

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun


Shop 12 - Dorfstraße 55, 6450 Sölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2223 312

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun

Boardriders Club
Boardriders Club

Shop 15 - Dorfstraße 64, 6450 Sölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2223 315

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun


Shop 9 - Dorfstraße 47, 6450 Sölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2223 309

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun

 Glanzer homes Sölden
 Glanzer homes Sölden

Dorfstraße 25, 6450 Sölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2223

Glanzer Homes Hochsölden
Glanzer Homes Hochsölden

Hochsöldenstraße 6, 6450 Hochsölden

Telefon: +43 5254 2213

Glanzer homes Längenfeld
Glanzer homes Längenfeld

Unterlängenfeld 126b, 6444 Längenfeld

Telefon: +43 5254 2223