Your perfect hiking boot

Blistered feet are not at all belonging to a wonderful hiking day. Exclusively in Ötztal you can find the 3D foot scanner at INTERSPORT GLANZER in Sölden, that is measuring your feet and lower legs accurate to the millimetre. That's how we find the perfect fitting hiking boot for you!

5 Steps to your ideal hiking boot

  • Step 1: Measuring your foot
    First we're measuring your foot three-dimensional. In order to identify your foot exactly, the lightbeam 3D scanner by the company Amisura is creating a three-dimensional image - from sole to knee.
  • Step 2: Picking proper hiking socks
    The ideal hiking socks do not have any sews to avoid pressure marks with the boots. For more comfort there are different reinforced parts at the hiking socks.
  • Step 3: Choosing the shoe model
    Your hiking boot is chosen with the 3D scan's data, considering the form of your foot as well as the range of use. Out of more than 50 different shoe models we find your ideal companion for the mountains in no time.
  • Step 4: Shoe sole adaption
    A huge number of thermoformable soles ensure the best grip and a optimal pressure distribution in the shoe. Due to the adaption in the "one-to-one-footprint", we will find the fitting sole for your foot.
  • Step 5: Testing the shoe in our testing area
    In our own hiking boot test course with various grounds and tilts your new shoe can be tested directly on site.
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