Bootfitting: Custom Ski Boots

As Bootfitting specialists, we employ a variety of techniques to achieve the perfect fit. This includes customizing the inner shoes, modeling the shell for individual foot shapes, adding padding or footbeds, and adjusting buckles and straps.


1. Precise Measurement & Analysis

In the first step, your feet are meticulously examined using state-of-the-art analysis systems to assess height, length, width, and the alignment of your feet and legs. We use 3-dimensional measurements to identify the perfect fit from over 50 different ski boots. Your foot shape and athleticism influence the choice of the boot shape. We then select ski socks suitable for your application to avoid any pressure points. Next, a thermally deformable insole is precisely tailored to your footbed for absolute comfort and optimal power transmission.


2. Individual Adjustment

Once your ideal ski boot is identified, the next step is individual adjustment. Through heating and molding the ski boot shell, using an insole, or manually modifying the ski boot, the fit can be precisely tailored to your foot!


3. Fine-Tuning After Test Runs

Adjustments are crucial, especially for pressure points in the inner ankles, instep, or outer foot area, ensuring maximum comfort and performance! After your initial test runs, our experts provide the finishing touches so you can feel unrestricted on the slopes.

Bootfitting at Intersport Glanzer

With our Bootfitting technologies, there are no obstacles to a comfortable ride on the slopes. Every aspect of the foot is taken into account, enhancing athleticism with the perfectly fitting ski boot. The precise transmission of power is crucial for improved performance, endurance, and safety during skiing.

Our experts are ready to guide you and ensure the competent customization of the boot to your foot. Take your time to find the ideal ski boot because the right ski boots are a significant investment for every slope enthusiast that lasts for many years!


Why Bootfitting?

  • Careful consultation and customization by our experts
  • Tailor-made solutions for every foot shape
  • Individual analysis of your ski boots
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